So, it seems that situation of calling QW is a fake. 

While that’s good to know, I still want to know why anyone thought it was a good idea either way. Really disgusting. 

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    No, it’s real. Went to twitter myself and saw that bullshit.
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    I reblogged every screencap I saw and I made one of my own too.
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    I refuse to reblog the image of the tweet, so this will have to do.
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    Here lie curated Receipts.
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    I have screen caps if anyone needs them.
  12. mendaciousangel said: Are people giving you shit? If anyone looks at your blog it is clear that you love her. Wtf, you are allowed not to root for her to win an oscar. She’s like 23, she has time to go at it again.
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    it isnt fake. they erased it eventually but it was up 30 mins ago.
  14. kostimograftrish said: Nah. It’s not. The Onion deleted the tweet.
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